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The E-Colors is one of Equilibria’s core coaching tools and a key means of increasing Self and Team Awareness.


The E-Colors helps individuals and teams to identify different personality styles, enabling you to better understand yourselves and those around you.


Knowledge of the E-Colors process leads to a heightened awareness of different thinking, communication and leadership styles as well as highlighting why people behave differently in any environment.

Personal Intervention promotes effective self-management and application of your
E-Colors knowledge to become more intentional in the way you act and interact.


It’s a concept and process that allows us to use our internal Pause or Play buttons to respond out of our character rather than react from our personality.


It will provide an opportunity to be more conscious of your thoughts, words, actions and emotions and make better choices to get better results. 

What are some of the skills & tools that my coach will give me access to?



"Equilibria has brought a different way of looking at the world and others. I have noticed, personally, that I am more intentional in my communication with others and assume less.


I am by no means an expert but am always striving towards it! I have taken many other personality assessments in the past and they were all pretty cool at the time of receiving the results and comparing mine to everyone else.


The instructors would then quickly go through what each personality indicated about the individual and then ended the class with “go out and change lives”! There was never much meat to the exercises, the class, or even the follow up to make sure we didn’t forget what we learned and promised to do."


We are a team of personality diversity specialists spanning six continents. We travel the world serving clients while remaining connected through a common goal to help others elevate their performance and realize their potential.

Each one of us possesses the talent and ability to facilitate, consult, coach and mentor for optimal results. We embody the Equilibria core value of People First.


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